BTS LED, Inc. (BTS) is a U.S. corporation specializing in the international sales, marketing and manufacturing of the most advanced and energy-efficient, technology-based products and services. Our focus has always been on providing the highest-quality products for today’s energy-efficient economy.

The BTS LED corporate offices and warehouse, located in southern California, provide LED solid-state lighting solutions and respected customer service for clients across the mainland United States and Hawaiian islands. We are committed to providing our customers with the most state-of-the-art LED lighting products and proudly offer ENERGY STAR-qualified, UL-certified and DLC-listed lamps.

Our products are subject to the highest test-quality standards to ensure that only the best materials are used to create the brightest and most efficient high and low-power LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor, and customized needs. With reduced energy consumption and low maintenance costs, BTS LED’s lighting products combine increased value with the fewest environmental impacts.

BTS LED supplies our clients with a wide assortment of energy-efficient lamps, subject to rigorous testing to ensure longevity and quality, used for installations across the nation in small business, residential, retail, healthcare, industrial, commercial and hospitality applications, to name a few. Whether the project requires lighting for gas stations, hotel rooms, or airport hangars, we work directly with our clients to determine the best LED solutions for the project.

In addition to standard lamps, we also design and manufacture a variety of customized high-output, 98-CRI PCB lighting solutions. Our LED PCBs combine reliable, economical and energy-efficient lighting with customization for both residential and commercial project applications. BTS LED’s wide selection of customized LED PCB options provide a perfect fit for designs which require back and edge lighting, rail lighting, step lighting, under-cabinet lighting or cove lighting.

We are proud to offer competitive pricing, paired with reliable and responsive customer service, provided by our local engineering and technical support teams. In addition to manufacturing our own BTS-branded lamps and PCBs, we have formed strategic business partner alliances with leading manufacturers of LED lighting, LED chips and other renewable-energy products.

Our team of professionals has over 25 years of experience working with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, contractors, commercial clients, utility companies, and various government agencies, including the US Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Department Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, the Design Lights Consortium (DLC), UL, and the Hawaii Energy program.