Though the task of switching out all of the lighting in your home/office/warehouse/business from CFL may seem like a bit of a hassle, especially when considering that it probably wasn’t so very long ago that they were switched from incandescent to CFL, the steadily decreasing price of LED replacements, combined with the growth of technology in the field, has made it a change that’s hard to fight.

With the backing of Energy Star, ensuring that only the tried and true make it through testing to receive the coveted qualification, consumers are offered even more incentive to go green. As Daniel Gross from puts it: “If you could make an investment that would return all the capital in two years, and then pay a 50 percent dividend for each of the next 18 years, it would be pretty phenomenal. It would double your money in four years, and quadruple it in eight years.”

Not only do LEDs save the environment, they save you money. Those are two kinds of green savings everyone can agree on. Though the upfront cost of LED lights is higher than its predecessors, the key may be, as Gross describes it, to realize that: “When you buy a more efficient lighting system, you’re not just acquiring a bunch of networked light bulbs. You’re purchasing an asset that will produce a stream of cash for a decade or more.”

BTS LED is here to help you make the most of your LED investment for the future. Contact us to learn about more ways to go green one bulb at a time.

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