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BTS LED will be exhibiting at this year’s Strategies in Light show, February 13th-15th, in Long Beach. Find us at Booth #733 to learn more about our latest lineup of LED solutions, including retrofit kits, emergency backup kits, and customized PCBs. Make sure to add us to your Strategies in Light Expo Plan. About the Show: Now […]

The end of the age of the CFL is here. According to their post on GE, GE is, “breaking up with compact fluorescent lamps,” once and for all. GE announced that they will cease production of their CFLs for the U.S. and switch their focus to LED lamps. GE also notes that LED prices […]

Though the task of switching out all of the lighting in your home/office/warehouse/business from CFL may seem like a bit of a hassle, especially when considering that it probably wasn’t so very long ago that they were switched from incandescent to CFL, the steadily decreasing price of LED replacements, combined with the growth of technology […]