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BTS LED offers award winning LED solid-state lighting fixtures and advanced LED technology-based products for today’s new energy-efficient economy. We are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced LED lighting products in the world. We proudly offer ENERGY STAR® qualified LED bulbs.

Our products are subject to the highest test-quality standards to ensure that only the best and highest-quality materials are used to provide the brightest high and low-power LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and customized applications. With reduced energy consumption and low maintenance costs, BTS LED’s efficient, technology-based LED lighting products bring great value to residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our LED lighting products contain no mercury or other hazardous materials, creating the least environmental impacts.

How LEDs are changing the face of outdated buildings

LEDs are going above and beyond the basics, now enhancing some of the nation’s iconic city skylines. Check out the full article and video, “How Clever Lighting and Graphics Can Give New Lift to Outdated Buildings,” at to find out more about how LEDs are bei
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The End of CFLs

The end of the age of the CFL is here. According to their post on GE, GE is, “breaking up with compact fluorescent lamps,” once and for all. GE announced that they will cease production of their CFLs for the U.S. and switch their focus to LED lamps. GE also not
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Need another reason to join the green team?

Though the task of switching out all of the lighting in your home/office/warehouse/business from CFL may seem like a bit of a hassle, especially when considering that it probably wasn’t so very long ago that they were switched from incandescent to CFL, the steadily decreasing pr
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2′ x 2′ Indirect & Direct Light LED Troffers

B22T38DXIL Spec Sheet B22T38DXDL Spec Sheet
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Learn More About BTS LED’s Line of Customizable PCB Solutions

Have a project that requires a custom LED PCB? BTS LED offers a variety of innovative PCB solutions, available in custom lengths to meet all of your specialized project needs. Click here to learn more about BTS LED’s line of customizable BTS LED’s PCB Solutions
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